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Read the latest news & blogs from the team at Lotus Flower

The Psycholinguistics of Success

Twenty-five years in a corporate career, followed by twenty years of running my own business as a professional coach, speaker and NLP trainer have taught me a great many lessons. Chief among those lessons, and one that has hit home more and more on my journey from NLP newbie to Master Trainer, is the power of language; power to do great good and, of course, not-so-good.

Sabbatical 2019

I wanted to share my experience of having time out in my business ‘life’ and the impact of this. There are elements of theory that



Hi, I’m Leah and I’ve been invited as a guest to share my view as a future generation leader (otherwise known as a ‘Millennial’). The

The art of communication…

When I first decided to start writing a blog, I questioned exactly how to go about doing that. I carried out some research and discovered

Who Am I?

I am Wendyanne. I worked in one organisation for over 23 years, started at 17 and worked through a variety of roles and ranks. It

What’s In a Name?

The meaning behind the brand. I chose ‘Lotus Flower’ because of its significance. The Lotus Flower symbolises new life, new opportunities, time to embrace new


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