What’s In a Name?

The meaning behind the brand.
I chose ‘Lotus Flower’ because of its significance.

The Lotus Flower symbolises new life, new opportunities, time to embrace new ideas and celebrate the present. The aim is to reach the surface, break free of constraints, learn, develop and flourish.

With its undeniable beauty, the Lotus flower and can be seen adorning the tops of ponds, rivers and lakes all over the world. It is a flower which begins its life like no other, sprouting amid the murky and muddy depths away from view. Yet despite this adverse environment, it reaches upwards, stretching through obstructions in search of clearer waters above where it finally breaks the surface. Here it reveals its true beauty as it opens in the light and sunshine that surrounds it.

We don’t need to be Buddhists to recognise that some of us are a lot like the Lotus Flower, and at some point are all in a bud like state. In Buddhism, the Lotus bud symbolises potential and the flower symbolises awakening, spiritual growth and enlightenment. In the same way that the flower emerges from the muddy water completely clean, the Lotus represents purity and clarity of body & mind. It may appear delicate and fragile on the surface, but it is strong, flexible and very secure at its root. The Lotus has unshakable resilience and independence. Making the best of it’s situation, it channels it’s resourcefulness seeking to grow only from what it has and competing only with itself.

No matter where you are in your journey, I am sure you can recognise elements of yourself. The starting point may seem far from ideal, and the conditions hostile, but you have have the capability to choose your path, move forward and upwards, then open your petals and shine.

You can start right now, from exactly where you are. Take charge of your own development, search for the Lotus within, and rise.