About Us

Lotus Flower Consultancy in Staffordshire is a boutique business, “small and exclusive that offers a specialised or customised service”.

Our focus is on creating long-term relationships and our interactions and interventions are valued as an investment rather than a cost. We understand that creating an ‘effortless experience’ is a differentiator and that this is both from an internal ‘people’ point of view as well as an external customer one.

Passionate training providers

Flexible learning programmes

Committed to your success

Engaging & challenging learning


Our primary aims are:

  • To drive cultural change and performance through the engagement and enablement of employees.
  • To focus on being truly customer-centric and ensuring the customer remains at the heart of every decision.
  • To create consistent and measurable solutions that maximise on performance and maintain a competitive advantage.

Why Choose Us?

Lotus Flower is an accredited consultancy agency with winning awards for The Centre of Excellence Awards, The Global Advisory Experts and many more.

The Lotus Flower team continues to grow; we have a proven track record of successful consultation, design and delivery that spans 15 years. We’ve worked across a variety of industries and sectors, gathering skills and knowledge whilst sharing and developing expertise. It’s this collective experience that enables us to maintain our unique and bespoke approach and ensures we can meet the individual needs of each client or project.

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