The Lotus Flower Ethos

Take a look at our company ethos, the aims we stand by when offering our specialist training services


1. To involve (a person or attention) intensely; engross; occupy
2. To attract (the affection) of (a person)

Our aim is to engage, to become a ‘trusted partner’ to you and your organisation. We’d like to be considered one of the team, working alongside you and your team to observe, listen and interact.

Whilst consultants traditionally carry out root cause analysis then focus on what went wrong, we’d much rather focus on what went right. We want to establish and understand what’s going well then replicate and enhance it.

We’ll spend time getting to know what’s important to you and share our industry experience to inform and shape interventions that will enhance your business performance.

Solutions include
• Onboarding and Induction.
• Employee Engagement Forums.
• Employee Surveys – Steering/Listening and Focus groups.

Energised & passionate team

Adaptable training programmes

Adaptable & current learning styles

Focused on helping you achieve


1. To provide (somene) with adequate power, means, opportunity, or authority (to do something)
2.To make possible

Our aim is to empower and enable individuals (and teams) to fulfill potential now as well as for the future. Creating a culture where people can thrive and grow is important, your ‘People Strategy’ is as important as your corporate one.

Effective and transparent communication from the boardroom to the frontline will enable success. We’ll work with you to ensure you have alignment between your corporate aim, strategy and direction and the core values, expectations and behaviours of your people.

Enabling innovation and thinking ‘outside of the box’ generates passion, energy and stimulates new ideas. It is this that will challenge the status quo and give you a sustainable competitive edge. We create environments that encourage growth, development and new learning – ensuring your organisation has the skill and capability to meet its core business objectives.

Solutions include
• Career Paths.
• Competency Frameworks.
• Skills & Knowledge Training (including ‘soft’ skills.)
• Academy/Apprenticeship Frameworks.


1. To inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence (to do something)
2. To stimulate (someone to do something) by approval or help and support

Our aim is to encourage you ‘to be the best you can be’. Our approach is to develop, empower and encourage individuals and teams to achieve personal and professional success.

Bringing in a fresh pairs of eyes provides an alternative, objective view and encourages a new dialogue. Recognising when people are doing things well, acknowledging the right behaviours and celebrating the successes all are critical components of having a high motivated and productive workforce.

Founded on a high challenge and high support framework we pride ourselves on role-modeling a motivational and inspirational leadership style. This means providing ongoing coaching, training and feedback that will result in high caliber teams and performance.

Solutions include
• High Performance Team Development.
• Positive Performance Management.
• Performance Coaching.
• Reward and Recognition Frameworks.


1. Develop or cause to develop gradually
2. To develop a characteristic through the process of evolution

Our aim is support you in an ever-changing corporate and commercial landscape. We will help to translate the business need and context for change, focusing on personal or professional evolvement for you, your people (teams) and your organisation.

We will guide you on effective processes to manage the impact of change, balancing your strategic business goals and all ‘human’ elements. Working with you to empower and develop your workforce, increasing resilience and agility whilst moving towards transformational success.

Our role is to get you ready for future growth and progress; our commitment is to remain with you on your journey – every step of the way.

Solutions include
• Change Management Programmes.
• Succession Planning and Talent Development.
• Management Development.
• Leadership Development.

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