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The team at Lotus Flower has enjoyed working with local businesses large and small, helping them and their team reach their full potential. Take a look at some of our client feedback below and if you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business contact us today by calling 01785 334 335

It opens your mind to new ways of doing things...

The course as a whole has helped me to challenge my thinking and approach things differently at work.  I have also been promoted to business manager at my current employer, which I definitely put down to doing this course. 

The course has also improved my confidence greatly, I would never have even applied for the new job position at my company if it hadn’t been for taking this course.  As part of my interview I had to do a presentation and I received very positive feedback on it.  

Whether you’re a new manager or have been in management for some time, I would recommend this course as it opens your mind to new ways of doing things.  Just because things have been done a certain way for a long time, does not necessarily make them right!

We can’t put a price on the value this training provides!

Over the last few years two Directors and three Senior Consultants from our business have attended, this has had a positive impact both on the performance of those individuals and the performance of their respective teams.   

Lotus Flower is now an extension of our business, they have been instrumental in helping us grow through the development of our leading people. We can’t put a price on the value this training provides!

Personally I have gained a great deal from the sessions

Personally I have gained a great deal from the sessions so far and I feel that I have already made changes to my own leadership style that has proven to be impactful, aside from that just getting the time and breathing space to take a step back and self-assess has been a welcome change.

I would definitely recommend the programme business leaders / owners and those undertaking management posts responsible for teams of all sizes large or small, the impact either the Management or Leadership training could have on individuals within those roles is invaluable.

The coaching sessions I’ve found to be extremely useful

The coaching sessions I’ve found to be extremely useful also as I’m able to sound out ideas with as well as gain an alternate perspective on challenges I’m facing at the time. 

What is most refreshing for me is that I know I will always get an honest opinion and then there is advice and direction with any of the challenges I’m facing; this kind of support is invaluable from someone outside of the of the business who can give completely impartial advice.

The time I spend in workshops is extremely valuable

The time I spend in workshops is extremely valuable because I’m able to use that time, away from the business, to reflect and adapt where required.

 I also enjoy that the sessions are interactive, we’re encouraged to break out into group discussions and are invited to offer our thoughts and opinions throughout; everyone has a voice which is fantastic to gain a variety of perspectives.

Undertaking the Strategic Leadership Programme

I’m currently undertaking the Strategic Leadership Programme and have thoroughly enjoyed both the workshops and 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

 During the workshops I enjoy that they are informative and thought provoking; this helps stimulate some correlation between the learning and how that can be related back to the business, the team and how I approach and tackle challenges.

Ultimately making you believe you can achieve anything...

Coaching is an opportunity to open up, without fear of reprisal or the need for second guessing. An opportunity for an un-biased opinion on matters relating to your personal and professional life. 

One that questions your own status quo, your own mission or calling. Provide confidence in your decision making and question why you do things. Challenge the approach you use, and why you use them. Providing alternatives that may lead to better outcomes. Ultimately making you believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to. 

Focus on the things that matter...

Coaching brings me direction and gives me time to focus on the things that matter in the business – this is why I’ve already recommended my team to experience it!

Build the ‘scaffolding’ that enables someone

Coaching helps to build the ‘scaffolding’ that enables someone wishing to improve their performance to achieve results. Wendyanne takes a real world, pragmatic and challenging approach to coaching. She is not put off by excuses, yet is sufficiently worldly wise to empathise with management and leadership issues.

Felt I’d taken breath of ‘fresh air’, a light had truly been switched on...


Over the years, I have attended many coaching & NLP programmes, so when I was asked to join a cohort for a series of leadership coaching sessions I went with the usual skeptical attitude a lot of people with years of business experience could be excused of having. I came out of the first session and felt I’d taken breath of ‘fresh air’, a light had truly been switched on.  

Wendyanne’s ability of empathy and interaction enables you, as an individual to draw out the positives. I revisited areas of confidence which helped my self-esteem and made me believe in myself all over again. She took me into corners I didn’t even know existed to create the tools needed to accomplish & progress to my goals.

Provided much-needed support and guidance...

“‘Wendyanne provided much needed support and guidance, she made me feel confident that I could complete even the most challenging aspects of the subject matter, and achieve more than I ever thought possible”

Gained confidence on multiple levels


“You have ‘encouraged’ me to gain confidence on both a business and personal level to give us all at CNC Technology Limited a truly ‘big’ company outlook in a ‘small’ company environment. Which one day soon will turn us into that ‘big’ company we have already started behaving like.”

Developed as both a person and a business

“I’ve developed as both a person and a business professional over the last 6 months, working with Wendyanne has been life-changing and inspirational”

Construction Manager

 “I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and especially the way you provided it. I admired your resilience when things needed challenging and found that by observing and reviewing my own approach I gained much more learning than the module could have been designed to do. I appreciated even more the personal support, knowledge and feedback given – I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you.”

Michael Hadley, Managing Director – Eurolec Components

“What does good look like? (A popular phrase used by Wendyanne) I know what good looks like. It looks like the kind of leader that you can be if you ever get the opportunity to spend time with Wendyanne. I had the pleasure of completing Wendyanne’s leadership course recently and has had a deep effect on me and my career. 

The course content was first rate and delivered in a lively, interesting style. Each cohort member is challenged to bring their thoughts and ideas to the group, making for exciting discussion amongst peers.

Mark Bullock, Sales & Commercial Director – Brockmoor Foundary

“I decided to attend a Strategic Leadership course run by Wendyanne in an effort to connect more effectively with my team. I had been wrestling with the usual conundrum of being suitably authoritative and aloof whilst eliciting loyalty and dedication. The course was defining in many ways as it fostered a self-awareness, which no other similarly badged course has come close to doing.

Sue Donley – Group Head of HR, Priory Group

“Wendyanne joined us at a time of significant change for our business and function and was highly effective from day one, building trusting and influential relationships with her peers and team. She knows her stuff inside out, is insightful and able to challenge in a way, which supports and enables while testing the limits of what can be done. She remains focused on delivering results and has seemingly boundless energy, with a natural ability to inspire and energise those around her.”

Neville Pritchard – CEO HR/People in Flow

Wendyanne is a true people professional with a depth of understanding that enables her to see real potential for improvement and how to realise value. She combines a dynamic energy with a commercial focus and a genuine care for enabling people to contribute fully in achieving organisation success. A rare mix and a very positive delight to work with.”

Larry Banda – Division Director, Nationwide Building Society

“An absolutely first class training professional. Not only has she an inspirational training style based on being totally authentic and passionate about her work, she has a rare skill for innovation that is often missing in people doing roles like hers. She is brave, not afraid to challenge the status quo, pragmatic and determined. One of the best in her field.”

Neil Woodall – Mason Metals Ltd.

 Wendyanne absolutely delivers on her business objectives; on the course I attended she created an environment where my fellow students and I relished attending the sessions and shared successes and development freely. If you get the chance to work with her – do!”

Gareth Morris – Head of Distribution Operations, Nationwide Building Society.

“A really accomplished professional who provides a level of excellence few can attain. Wendyanne has great warmth, dynamism and motivates people with her boundless energy and great balance of challenge and support. She is highly skilled at relationship management and was seen as integral to the success of our team of Area Directors. An expert coach and mentor who brings the best out of individuals and groups.”

Karl Bevan – Performance Director, Nurturing Unconscious Talent Specialists

 Wendyanne @ Lotus Flower Consultancy will always be at the top of my list when looking for working partners who bring integrity, energy, high levels of skill and enthusiasm to a Learning and Development need. Her ability to relate and adapt to the audience is excellent. Her use of real life working examples adds variety and demonstrates where theories and tools can best be used to gain improved results. She is a terrific coach and mentor with a natural ability to build trust and apply the right balance of challenge and support where needed to enable the individual or team to improve their workplace performance. Her knowledge of Leadership and Management approaches/ models is comprehensive and she has shown with clients she can work across multi national audiences and engage with delegates from all over Europe.”

Darryl McNey, Rimstock PLC

“Wendyanne has tailored a leadership development course, not only to be structured and informative, but also very applicable in the workplace. Wendyanne’s passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious which along with her natural coaching style allowed me to make sense of the learning and how to apply them in the business. Her ability to understand me as a person and adapt her approach to fit my learning style made the 1-2-1 coaching sessions very effective. Her encouragement to take action and try new things has certainly helped both me as an individual and the business and I very much look forward to working with Wendyanne in the future”

Andrew Cox – Managing Director, Cox & Plant

 “Wendyanne’s approach was revolutionary but completely comprehensible, delivered in her unique personable style. For me I have completely reevaluated my approach to business, people and styles. All of this has greatly assisted in removing my barriers to growing the business. My team is reinvigorated, everyone has a purpose, everyone is engaged and we all share the common vision, this has developed my team; driven business growth and led our business to greater success, which is essential for a high value manufacturing business. Wendyanne is without doubt an impressive driving force, focusing on ‘being the best you can be’ as a business leader. In 28 years of business I have not met anyone of this caliber, who can unlock your capacity for innovation and above all else harness the power of your people.”

Kobina Hall – Head of Service, Coventry & Solihull CRC

“I asked Wendyanne for assistance following a major transformation in my organisation and a staff survey that showed that we had a problem with morale. I was looking for someone independent who could engage with staff quickly, who could build trust and rapport and get to the heart of the issues, I had no hesitation in choosing Wendyanne. It’s her genuine interest in people that engenders trust and that in turn enables and encourages staff to be open and honest about what needs to be done. 

Bhanu Dir – Head of Policy Business Growth, Black Country Chambers

“I knew Wendyanne had considerable cross sector experience at delivering effective leadership training but the impact she has had on our programme has been outstanding. She not only ensures that delegates understands the learning but through exceptional coaching skills is able to guide them through the steps required to progress to translate into a strategic approach to business growth. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is both a formidable facilitator, fearless and compassionate, and a talented coach.”

Mick Grantham – Director, Creative Ceilings

“Thank you very much for your help, assistance and challenging my thinking. You will recall I nearly cancelled the sessions, however, I know it’s not really in my nature, but I must confess I was wrong…. I have found your sessions extremely valuable they have challenged my ‘old school’ thinking and have made me look into myself – another scary thought!!”

Greg Higgit – Marketing Manager, Workplace Products

“Without your support over the last 6 months to pull me through the times when the content challenged me and got me thinking. I would not have been able to progress as much as I did and feel as positive as I do about making good changes to myself and the company going forward.”

Jon Kendrick – Operations Manager, Sturge Industries Ltd

“I have taken part in many managerial programs over my years in Senior Management and can honestly say that Wendyanne’s approach is a breath of fresh air. I have gained many new skills throughout the Leadership Development Program and have been supported fully by Wendyanne’s unique style. Having someone that takes really an interest in my development has allowed me to grow as a leader.”

Rob Burnell – Managing Director of Norman Bookkeeping & Payroll Limited

“My name is Rob Burnell and I am the Managing Director of Norman Bookkeeping & Payroll Limited. I signed up to a Strategic Leadership course not really knowing what to expect, but by lunchtime of the 1st day, I approached Wendyanne to work with me as a Business Coach – this has been the best decision I ever made. Since taking on a Business Coach my working life balance has improved immeasurably, before my working day was generally 10 to 14 hours a day over a 6-day week. 

Business Owner – Engineering

“I have worked with Wendyanne over a period of six months. Her style to coaching is relaxed yet informative. She has a way of getting you to do the things that you are not comfortable doing and looking back at them and thinking how did she manage that? As a business owner, I often need someone to bounce ideas off and have found she’s really good at giving me honest feedback and encourages me to comes up with alternative approaches to problems. Wendyanne really does care about the people she works with and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Head of Department – Public Sector

“I started coaching at a time of significant organisational restructure, when at times it was difficult to see the wood for the trees. Lotus Flower Consultancy worked with myself and my team to develop a clear strategy for the future.  We all benefitted enormously from this input and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wendyanne as a coach to others, her unique style and learning methods have been critical in helping to move us forward in a most supportive way.”

Managing Director – Manufacturing

“As Leaders in Business we should always be striving to do better each day, and as leaders we should always be listening to those around us to pick up on how to do this. The coaching I receive offers expert and impartial advice on how I might lead certain situations, but also provides me with the strength and reassurance to see things through. I find coaching now an essential part of my working life as it also provides me with a sounding board as well as providing challenges to our often pre-defined thinking which opens up new methods and routes to success.”

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