Who do we help?

We are working with a family-owned business in Tamworth. It’s been up and running for 20 years and its incredible success speaks for itself.

They are the experts in their industry and provide a quality product.

How do we work with them?

The request was for us to help them professionalise. They want to be able to think like a corporate whilst maintaining the heart of their family.

Their mantra is to ‘work hard’ which means their start time each day is 6am!
We’ve changed our working pattern so that we can start early too, allowing them to continue with business as usual.

We provide an independent eye and ear, someone from the outside that can see different ways of working and support the change process along the way.

What was/is our solution?

We are working with the MD and Management Team to introduce frameworks of excellence into the business. This includes looking at their Strategy, Vision and Goals, Recruitment, Performance Management, Training & Development.

We are also working with all Managers – introducing a programme of training/coaching support that includes:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Team Development
  • Commercial Awareness

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