Rob Burnell – Managing Director of Norman Bookkeeping & Payroll Limited

“My name is Rob Burnell and I am the Managing Director of Norman Bookkeeping & Payroll Limited.

I signed up to a Strategic Leadership course not really knowing what to expect, but by lunchtime of the 1st day, I approached Wendyanne to work with me as a Business Coach – this has been the best decision I ever made. Since taking on a Business Coach my working life balance has improved immeasurably, before my working day was generally 10 to 14 hours a day over a 6-day week. I was frustrated by the time spending working in the business not on the business and was concerned that as we continued to grow this would only serve to exacerbate the problem.

Wendyanne made me realise that I needed to put more trust in my staff and give them a greater role with responsibility, she also made me realise that I could focus my time on the things I really needed to be doing such as, Sales, Marketing and HR Process improvements. I have now taken on my own office, which has been a substantial improvement for my working day and given the team more freedom.

There are plenty of people who will advise you on system processes/solutions and how you should be doing your job. Wendyanne, is different, she encourages you to focus your time and energy on doing the right things, she concentrates on sustainability and areas that will add value over the longer term, she empowers you to make business decisions and continues to support you throughout.

Wendyanne has helped me develop and continue improving my skills as a Leader & Manager. She has helped me navigate some tricky business issues as we have started to grow and I am extremely grateful for her help and support. I can’t recommend her business coaching highly enough.”

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